CMSimple v.2.6 plus Quick.Cart v.1.4

This download is a combined package of the CMS CMSimple and the Online shop QuickCart. While CMSimple can be replaced with other versions since nothing has been changed in this programm, QuickCart cannot, since it is installed with 12 plugins and two addons. Furthermore, this QuickCart version has been adjusted to a specific CMSimple template layout.

Beside the normal functions, QuickCart provides (please check, the additional plugins and addons boost up the functionality of this shop to a great extent. Howerever, their functions are optional. They can be switched on and off via the QuickCart own PluginManager. As listed they are:

  1. basketSummary - shows the current value of the shopping cart displayed on any page.
  2. htmlMailOrderDetails - sends order details to Admin and/or Client in text and/or HTML format.
  3. sendOrderToClient - sends an e-mail with order info to a client after he/she added an order. This replaces htmlMailOrderDetails in case the latter one does not function on one or the other server.
  4. imageWatermark - provides watermarked images and a lightbox gallery display of images. (requires GD lib)
  5. lastProduct - shows the last product (photo, name) which has been added to the database.
  6. randomProduct - shows one random product with photo and name.
  7. lastProductsPerCategory - displays products only for the requested category, not its sub-categories.
  8. onlineStatistics - a little visitor counter.
  9. ordersStatistics - draws horizontal statistical bars of products being ordered in the admin section of QuickCart.
  10. productAttributes - defines attributes with price offsets, and assigns them to products.
  11. productsInRow - allows to show two products in a row. This is a toggle.
  12. templateEdit - provides template file editing and management from the Admin control panel.

As default all functions are switched on in this package except sendOrderToClient. As already mentioned, there are also two addons included, which are permanently functioning. An inactivation requires removal of programming code, which is explained later on. The addons are:

  1. PayPal payment - allows the customer to pay immediately after ordering via Paypal.
  2. Acceptance of terms and regulations - In Germany and other European countries probably as well it is a requirement, that customers have to click a button to agree with the online shop's terms and regulations (AGB) before they send the order (like Microsoft's EULA ;-). Such a button has now been included. From now on this shop should be legal.


You install the package just like you do with CMSimple. Copy the whole stuff into the root of your server. The first order of the subfolder structure should look like:

*** 2lang
*** cmsimple
*** content
*** downloads
*** images
*** plugins
*** shop
*** templates

Behind this shop subfolder the whole shop is located. So, you just could move the shop to another cmsimple installation by copying it over to the new server. (However, you need appropriate cmsimple templates to get the shop to function).

Now you have to set certain rights for several files. Go to myhomepage/shop/db and chmod all files inside this folder to 666. These are the databas files.

Go to myhomepage/shop/config and chmod the two files inside this folder to 666.

Go to myhomepage/shop/plugins/htmlMailOrderDetails and chmod the config.php file inside this folder to 666.

Go to myhomepage/shop/plugins/imageWatermarks and chmod the config.php file inside this folder to 666.

Go to myhomepage/shop/files and chmod all subfolders in there to 777.

There are some more config.php files in the plugin folders /onlineStatistics, /pluginManager, /productAttributes and /templateEdit. But I believe, they are not changed. If you observe problems, chmod them to 666 as well. However, click under "Tools" the button "validate" in admin area and it should tell you what else you have to change.

After having completed this, you are done and can start selling products. In the moment, there is still the demo shop included you can practice with. After you have learned how the shop works, you can delete the demo-products and add your own ones.

Working with the shop

I will not explain how the shop works. There is an online guidance which you could study. Also a very well frequented forum exists for the questions I cannot answer. If you don't know what all these plugins do: Six of them have their own help files included in the plugin management. Check the QuickCart admin section. For the other six ones you should download the plugins. They all come with help files. (You may have to register for this. You should do this anyway, if you want to use the shop.)

For a quick Startup: Surf to myhomepage/shop/admin; a login procedure will pop up. Enter it with admin/admin. Now you are in that part of QuickCart which allows you to administrate the shop.

Removing PayPal feature

Paypal payment works via email address input. And the Email address QuickCart uses for handing over the payment procedure to Paypal is the one you added in the QuickCart admin section.

However, if somebody wants to remove the paypal feature, just hide it. It is hard coded and cannot switched off by a toggle. Open myhomepage/shop/templates/messages.tpl and search for:

<div style="text-align:center">

You will find it on line 4. Add "display:none" and the Paypal feature will be gone.

<div style="text-align:center;display:none;">

However, if you want to use Paypal but you are not a German citizen, you want to get rid of the German Paypal sign. Just go down one line (line 5) and replace:

<form target="paypal" name="_$iOrder" action=""; method="post">


<form target="paypal" name="_$iOrder" action=""; method="post">

And at line 13, you replace:

<input type="image" src=""; name="submit" alt="Zahlen Sie mit PayPal - schnell, kostenlos und sicher!" />


<input type="image" src=""; name="submit" alt="Pay with Paypal - fast and secure!" />

If you are not English or US, you have to find your own two lines. Ask Paypal, they will tell you.


Removal of "Terms & Regulations" button

If you want to get rid of the "Terms & Regulation" select button, you have to erase a few line of code out of two different files. Just hiding the select button is not sufficient. You wouldn't get any order through submit.

Open myhomepage/shop/core/orders.php and delete line 197 which says:

&& ( $_POST[NMuD_agree] != '' ) // added by Till: Terms and Conditions have to be checked

Next, open myhomepage/shop/templates/order_delivery.tpl and delete line 18 which says:

,Array( 'NMuD_agree', 'simple', 'Sie m&uuml;ssen sich mit unseren AGB einverstanden erkl&auml;ren.' ) // added by Till: Terms and Conditions have to be checked

Finally, you delete the select box which is in the same file between line 172 and line 184. It says:

<!-- Checkbox according to German law ................................ -->

<td colspan="2">
Zum Bestellen m&uuml;ssen Sie sich mit<br />unseren <a href="" onclick="showagb()"><noscript><a href = "./files/agb.html" target ="_blank"></noscript><span style="text-decoration:underline;">AGB</span><noscript></a></noscript></a> einverstanden erkl&auml;ren.
<select name="NMuD_agree" onchange="" style="width:60px;">
<option selected value="">nein</option>
<option value="1">ja</option>

<!-- End of Checkbox according to German law .......................... -->

However, if you want to keep the select box but want to use it in a different language, replace the German words of the two latter parts with words of your own language.

I hope these few words are sufficient for a startup. I will answer questions and, please, report bugs and mistakes. Also suggestions are wellcome.


Tillman Schuster, NMuD, October 2006