Plugin for CMSimple

Version 1.0

Example 1

Image 1: Cloud of a newspaper article.

Example 2

Image 2: simpleCloud freely positioned.

simpleCloud is a small plugin for CMSimple. It extracts all words of a particular web page according to the number of appearence and renders them in a defined page area using different font sizes. The more often a word turns up on a page, the larger the font appears used for rendering. To avoid that fill words like articles, prepositions etc. turn up as well, a stopword filter can be activated. In the moment this plugin comes with stopword filters in 10 different languages. The usage of the different stopword filters is defined by CMSimple's language usage.

simpleCloud is flexible. Beside different word sizes you are also able to define different colors for the different word sizes. Image 1 shows differently sized words in different grey shades. In addition the word output can be sorted. Furthermore, simpleCloud can freely be positioned on a web page (see Image 2).

1. Installation

The ZIP file is decompressed and its resulting "scloud"-folder is copied into the plugins subfolder. Now you have two possibilities to install/activate simpleCloud:

1. The normal installation positions the cloud output at the bottom of a page. The activation script is::

#CMSimple $output .= scloud();#

2. In addition, you have the option to position the cloud output freely. To do this you use the installation script:

#CMSimple $output = scloud("position");#

Please, note that the dot (.) is lacking in front of the equal sign (=). This is important!!! In conjunction with a dot this script wouldn't work properly.

However, instead of "position" you use "left", "right" oder "center". In case of a right positioning you would say:

#CMSimple $output = scloud("right");#

Using this script you can position your cloud where ever you want - even inbetween words. Positioning starts at that point where the script is located.

Of course, you have to adjust plugin's CSS file as well!! Foremost, you have to define a fixed width for plugin's output. If you don't do this, the output will spread over the total width of the page.

2. Configuration

cloud title:
words <=03:
words <=04:
words <=05:
words <=06:
words <=07:
words <=08:
words <=10:
words <=15:
words >15:
words color03:
words color04:
words color05:
words color06:
words color07:
words color08:
words color10:
words color15:
words color>15:
words min size:
words min times:

Plugin's configuration menu shows 4 configuration areas:

  1. cloud: Here you define a heading for the cloud output. But it also can be kept free.
  2. sort: true/false - Here you decide whether the output is alphabethically sorted or not.
  3. stopwords: true/false - You decide, whether you want to use a stopword filter or not. Stopword filters blank out commonly used words like articles, prepositions etc.
  4. words: Here you adjust several word attributes:
    1. First, you define the output word size in % of the currently used font. The word size is determined by the amount of appearance of a word on the observed page (3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, etc....).
    2. Second, there is the possibility to allocate a specific colour to different word sizes.
    3. Third, there are two definitions to be explained:
      1. words min size: Here you define, how many characters a word has to possess to be counted.
      2. words min times: Here you define the minimal number a word has to appear on a page to be counted..


3. Stopwords

This plugin comes in conjunction with 10 different multilingual stopword files (de, en, dk, cz, fr, es, it, nl, no, pl). However, only the German and the English files have been tested by the author of the plugin. Nonetheless, since the stopword files are located in the plugin's content folder they can easily be changed using the editor of simpleCloud's configuration menu.


4. Compatibility

The sCloud plugin has been positively tested with CMSimple version 3.2.

5. Disclaimer

There is no warrenty using this plugin. It will be used on everybody's own risk. We will not assume any liability in case of data losses caused by sCloud usage.


© Tillman Schuster, NMuD, November 2008.