Plugin for CMSimple

Version 1.0 RC3, supported by CMSimple 3.2+ , Plugin Loader 2.

5th September 2009


tsEdit is a backend plugin meant to be used only by administrators. Five different optional CMSimple folders can be used to upload files. These folders are determined in the plugin's configuration. All files of a chosen directory can be deleted (dangerous!). An optional restriction filter allows to exclude files up to 10 different MIME types from uploading to the chosen folder. Max. size of the files to upload is determined by the size restriction set in CMSimple's main configuration (downloads_maxsize:). Text files can be edited. All files of a chosen directory are listed. Every function of this plugin is optional.

This plugin should be used with care - especially the delete function.


tsEdit using all of its five functions

1. Installation of the plugin

After decompression of the ZIP file just copy the folder "tsedit" into CMSimple's plugin folder. No additional installation step is required.


2. Configuration of the plugin

tsEdit's configuration allows the following options:

file path 1:
file path 2:
file path 3:
file path 4:
file path 5:
file type0:
file type1:
file type2:
file type3:
file type4:
file type5:
file type6:
file type7:
file type8:
file type9:
file type restriction:
menu chdir:
menu delete:
menu edit:
menu filelist:
menu upload:


1.) file_path_1 bis file_path_5: These fields contain the CMSimple directories, which should be chosen from. If you need more than five choices, you can easily extend the code of "admin.php".

2.) file_type_0 bis file_type_9: These fields contain the MIME types, which can be used by the restriction filter to exclude certain files from upload. If you need more than 10 choices, you can easily extend the code of "admin.php".

3) file type restriction: true/false - activation (true) of the restriction filter.

4.)menu_xyz: true/false - These fields determine the activation/deactivation of tsEdit's five functions.

Maximal size of the files to be uploaded is determined by the size restriction set in CMSimple's main configuration (downloads_maxsize:).


3. File Permissions

For usage of tsEdit under Linux internet servers several distinct file permissions have to be set. In case you want to use tsEdit's own content folder, it requires the permission 777 or 0777.

The following files require at least the permission 666 or 0666:

languages/xy.php (xy means en, de, fr etc.)


4. Editor problems which may happen

Files which contain programming code (php, pdf, sql etc.) may not be able to be edited. It is possible that loading into the browser takes too long or the output turns out to be weird. In that case just press the browser "Returen" button or kill the browser using the Task Manager. And do not edit the file again. The file content itself will not be lost.

The text editor comes with the plugin loader and is thought only for editing plain text.


5. Disclaimer

There is no warrenty using this plugin. It will be used on everybody's own risk. We will not assume any liability in case of data losses caused by tsEdit usage.


© Tillman Schuster, NMuD, 2009